Something for the whole family

Taking a break away from life to go to a festival can be tricky when you have children in tow, not all the material at all the festivals is family oriented or suitable for children’s entertainment. Spiritual healing is not a child’s cup of tea or their idea of having fun, and you will soon be sitting with lots of nagging and whining around your ears. What you need to do is plan a family break to Manchester for the Family Friendly Film Festival.

You will thank yourself for it and so will your kids. This festival is known for workshops and screenings of well known films and shootings, and it includes fantastic programs for everyone to enjoy. This festival focuses on films and screenings that are suitable for both young adults and children of all ages. The Family Friendly Film

Festival is held in several locations across Manchester city. This is the perfect opportunity to get away from everyday life and keep the kids happy at the same time.

Family fun and accommodation

Whenever a family goes on a break together, there is always a concern about accommodation and the costs thereof. When you book serviced apartments Manchester, you need not worry about cost or comfort, all you need to worry about is having as much fun as possible.

The cost for serviced apartments in Manchester is not charged per person, as with hotels. Instead you pay one flat rate whether travelling alone or as a family. This saves you money and worry so that you can enjoy your time with the kids. Visit our website to see what solutions we can offer for serviced apartments in Manchester.