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Spinningfields is a large business, retail and resdidential development in Manchester, England that lies in the western portion of the City Centre, between South Deansgate and the River Irwell. The Spinningfields complex is the masterplan of Allied London Properties, a London based proprty development and investment company. Short stay Serviced Apartments with Serviced City Pads.
However, due to the financial crisis of 2007 – 2010, Allied London’s ambitious plans were in jepodardy of leaving Spinningfields half completed. However Allied London reached agreement with Manchester City Council in a rescue deal, which involved the council buying various plots of land on the sites in a freehold agreement, namely 1 and 2 Hardman Square and 2 and 3 Hardman Boulevard, from Allied London at an unkown price. The council never disclosed the amount they paid, yet Deborah Linton of the Manchester Evening News claimed before the deal was made that the sum of money would be in the region of £15 million for the plots of land.
There will be a total of 20 buildings within the Spinningfields area, spread over 6 acres and their construction status varies; as of 2008 may are completed, others are still under construction, whilst yet other buildings are still at the planning stages. The developers are Allied London. The structural, civil and geo-environmental engineers are Capita Symonds Structures based in Cheadle Hulme.Serviced City Pads supply short stay accommodation in Manchester.Spinningfields is widely believed to be an area that is fast becoming the Canary Wharf of the North with the Financial Times noting “London has Canary Wharf and Paris has La Defence”, Manchester has its own modern financial centre in the form of Spinningfields”

There are residential buildings within Spinningfields in the form of the 16-storey Leftbank Apartments, which overlook the River Irwell, as well as government buildings, including the Civil Justice Centre of Manchester. The old criminal courts lie within the Spinningfields area. Just outside the area, facing the civil justice area is the People History museumand, beyond that, Salford Central railway station. Serviced City Pads reservations team on 0844 335 8866Furture developments are 1 Hardman Square which lies partially along Quay Street is still in the pre-planning stages, but it is believed to be the tallest proposal of the development. A design of a building with a sloping roof and with a height of 165m (541ft) was submitted but has since been scrapped and new proposals being worked on thought to be around 140 metres. It will be designed by Norman Foster and contruction cannot begin until the demolition of Quay House, which still lies on the current site.

Near the Civil Justice Centre is Manchester House, which opens onto Bridge Street. Manchester House is also scheduled for demolition and a new, taller building to be constructed in its place which will house a hotel.

John Rylands library lies within Spinningfields area, and a major clean up of the building was completed in 2006, complete with a new entrance.

Although mostly commercial, the buildings within Spinningfields will contain various boutique retail outlets. with Giorgio Armani opening a store there. Serviced City Pads reservations team on 0844 335 8866