Spotlight on London’s stations – Charing Cross

We at Serviced City Pads try to make life as easy as possible for our clients, which means ensuring their accommodation in London is near to major transport hubs. We have several apartments in London’s Charing Cross district – near famous landmarks like Trafalgar Square, the Monument and, of course, Charing Cross Station. Whether you’ve booked serviced apartments in London for business or pleasure, here are a few unusual facts about the Charing Cross area.

For example, did you know Trafalgar Square is available for company bookings? Rallies and marches are free of charge, while filming, photo shoots and performance-based activities cost £500 – £1000 per hour, with a flat rate of £500 – £10,000 per day thereafter. You could book an awful lot of nights in one of our London serviced apartments for that, although it isn’t really that much, when you consider that in return you get private use of one of London’s most iconic landmarks. A more affordable option is to book Parliament Square Garden instead. This is still public, and yours for just £200 per hour.

Charing Cross station is unusual as it connects directly to two other London railway termini – Waterloo and London Bridge. It was built on the Hungerford Market site in 1864. The Charing Cross Hotel, built in the French Renaissance style, was finished a year later.

With excellent rail, tube and bus links across London and the UK, our serviced apartments in London Charing Cross are always in demand.