Start Your Holiday Right

Holidays abroad are something to look forward to for the majority of us, presenting a chance to take some hard earned time off work and relax. Many of us spend all year earning enough money to pay for our holiday and want to be able to appreciate the whole experience, from leaving our home to arriving back in the UK.

Travelling, particularly when you are flying long haul, can be a tiring experience – especially when flying from major airports such as those in Birmingham. This is the main reason for the influx of Birmingham airport hotels, as the airport is huge and many long haul flights now depart from Birmingham. To make your holiday as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, an overnight stay at one of the many Birmingham airport hotels is usually recommended. This will mean you don’t have to spend hours travelling to the airport, worrying about getting stuck in traffic jams or being on time for the flight as you will be able to book an alarm call and arrive at the airport after a short journey, refreshed and raring to go.

Birmingham airport hotels are convenient but they are also noisy, meaning that you may lose out on precious sleep leaving you feeling tired and weary on the flight and exhausted by the time you reach your destination. A stay in a hotel can also work out expensive if you have to dine out, as hotel restaurants can be expensive.

Serviced apartments in Birmingham such as ours at Serviced City Pads will give you the chance to relax and unwind in a peaceful environment, with the food of your choosing at little extra cost – followed by an all-important, uninterrupted night’s sleep. Serviced apartments in Birmingham offer much more space, relaxation and an overall more bespoke experience than any hotel.