Stay in a London Serviced Apartment and visit the London Wetland Centre

A great place to visit this August Bank Holiday weekend is the London Wetland Centre located in Barnes South West London in the Borough of Richmond upon Thames. Serviced City Pads supply London Accommodation in the form of London Serviced Apartments, you can either book online or contact the reservations team on 0844 335 8866. The London Wetland Centre will be a great trip for the family this weekend.

London Apartment Accommodation has become very popular as an alternative versus Hotel Accommodation due to the increase in space and the feel of home away from home, you can buy and cook your own food and eat in the privacy of your own exclusive apartment.The London Wetland Centre was recognised in 2002 as ‘ an area of specific scientific interest’ for the environment impact this has on many local birds in the area. Many birds have now made the wetlands centre their home and cannot be found anywhere else other than the wetlands centre. The wetlands centre covers more than 100 acres and is a collection of quite a number of resovoirs, urban features were added in 2000 when when it became the first urban wetland centre in the United Kingdom.

It would be good to book a London Serviced Apartment in South West London, Serviced City Pads have a large range of apartments in south west London, you can even make your own lunch for the day at the London Wetland Centre on hop on the tube which we believe will be a wonderful day out for the family.Please see the following list of birds that you can find at the London Wetlands Centre. The Gadwell breeds in Northern Europe and Asia and mostly in central North America, the bird is a frequent winter visitor to the wetland park mainly due to it’s introduction by the environment agency and the bird population has steadily increased over the last decade. The Shoveler Duck resides in Europe and Asia and central North America, the shoveler duck comes to the South Eatern part of the UK mostly as a winter visitor. The shoveler Duck is not as prolific as other ducks in breeding and tends to form much smaller flocks.

The Kingfisher can be seen at the London Wetlands Centre, the Kingfisher is mainly seen in the Old World Tropics and Australasia, they were released into the Wetland Centre in 2000 and have bred very well over the last decade, the Kingfishers are very territorial brids and defend it with their lives so watch out if you get to close to them and be careful.

Serviced City Pads supply short or long stay London Serviced Apartment Accommodation for either leisure or corporate accommodation.You can also see the Sand Martin on your visit, the Sand Martin are usually to be found in Europe and Asia and Central North America, they have been introduced into the centre for the last decade and have returned every year.