Stay in a London Serviced Apartment and watch the Royal Ballet

The Royal Ballet company is based at Covent Garden who peform at the Royal Opera House, Serviced City Pads supply a large range of London Serviced Apartments throughout London from a studion through to a large 3 bedroom Penthouse. A member of the reservations team can be contacted and they will be delighted to discuss what will be the most appropriate London Serviced Apartment for your stay, the reservations team can be contacted on 0844 335 8866.

There is a large range of London Accommodation, London Serviced Apartments supplied by Serviced City Pads have become a great alternative to London Hotels due to the fifty percent increase in space with a lounge and kitchen and the apartments can often work out cheaper. Serviced City Pads have many coporate customers who book London Serviced Apartments for short and long stays and prefer to stay in an apartment versus a hotel room as many suggest it feels home away from home.The Royal Ballet Company will be performing Manon at the Royal Opera House from November 3 through to the 26, it tells the story based in France about a beautiful french woman is is being persused by an older nobleman who is also the Minister of Finance. Manon is a beautiful counry girl who will be going into a convent and when the nobleman arrives with a harem of fashionble ladies from Paris Manon begins to dream about beautiful clothes and a glamorous future.

Many guests who book a London Serviced Apartment really enjoy their stay and many revisit on a regular basis particularly in London, serviced apartment accommodation seesm to be the ideal choice for leisure and corporate guests in London.The story of Manon is told in the form of wonderful Ballet dances and tells of how Manon falls in love with a young local man Des Grieux who mutually fall in love with each other however the acclaimed nobleman is also very interested in Manon who would love to take her to Paris on to a better future. The ballet tells of two men offering a different future together, one Des Grieux will offer a modest but loving furture on the farm and the other De Bretigny a nobleman with a fantastic apartment in Paris with a bright wealthy future.

The story proceeds with a straight competition for Manon love the nobleman versus local farmer, in the end Manon chooses love over money however Des Grieux rejects her initially due initial fascination with wealth and money which he secretly craves for himself so she can accpet him fully. This wonderful story continues hwoever you will need to visit the Royal Opera House to find out what route the story takes and what the ending will be.