Stay in a London Serviced Apartment when you visit the London Film Festival

The 2011 London Film Festival is starting on October 12th and finishing on October 27th and will bring the world’s best films to London for a great film festival. Serviced Apartments London are often considered a great alternative to staying in London Hotels, Serviced City Pads have great range of London Accommodation apartments from studio apartments through large penthouse apartments, please contact the Serviced City Pads reservations team on 0844 335 8866.

This will be the 55th British Film Institute’s London Film Festival, please find the following film’s that will be on shown this year.

London Serviced Apartments give your fifty percent more space than a London Hotel Room, typically a 1 bedroom apartment will have a seperate bedroom and bathroom, the living room will normally be in one large room with the kitchen particioned to make an individual space. The Great White Silence is a gripping documentary about Captain Robert Scott epic trip to reach the South Pole over one hundred years ago, Captain Scott was in competition with Norwegian Roald Amundsen who actually beat Captain Scott to the South Pole. This documentary follows Captain Scott’s trials and tribulations of him and his team. The documentary has film footage of Captain Scott’s team hauling their sledges through across the polar ice caps and also photographs of his team in their everyday quest to succeed and beat Amundsen to the South Pole. This story does not have a happy ending as Roald Amundsen beats Captain Scott to the south pole and Scott and his team all perish trying to achieve the doomed attempt to reach the South Pole.

London Serviced Apartments can be great for London Accommodation and can be used either for leisure or corporate stay from 1 night throuigh to 1 year, Serviced City Pads supply a large range of apartmnts throughout London.Another film tipped to become a star of the London Film Festival is ‘Route Irish’, this film has been made by the great Ken Loach and is a British-French production. The story opens on a Liverpool Mersey ferry with the films star Mark Womack a private security guard working in the middle east who is in the city for his best friends funeral killed in action. Womacks is very angry after then funeral when his boss who is a director in the private security company starts to hand out business cards to enlisted men at the funeral asking them join his business in the middle east. The plot thickens when Womacks (Molloy) dead best friend (Frankie) character is tarnished when it is suggested he and his team had killed an innocent family, Womack feels that there is more to this story than meets the eye and commits himself to saving the wonderful reputation of his best friend and colleague Frankie.