Stay in a London Serviced Apartment when you Watch Lee Evans at Wembley Arena

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London Serviced Apartment Accommodation
is becoming more popular as an alternative to a hotel due to the increase of fifty per cent space and feels like a home away from home, I love the fact you can purchase your provisions from a local supermarker and almost set up home immediately either on a leisure break watching Lee Evans at the London Wembley Arena or if you are staying on business. The superb and wonderful Lee Evans will be playing London Wembley Arena this September 2011 from 14th through to the 18th, Lee Evans has been a great comedian for many years and his shows are superb. Lee Evans arrived on the comedy scene when he auditioned for opportunity knocks in 1986 however to his suprise he was rejected. He later started his career with early television appearances on Friday Night Live and the Jimmy Tarbuck series Live from Her Majesty’s.

Lee Evans started to become more well knwon during the 1990’s with a very energetic stage perfromance and physical observational coemdy. His slapstick humour initially didn’t work for me however as the years progressed I learnt to love Lee’s natural if I may say Norman Wisdom foolishness (even though Lee claims not to be influenced by Norman slapstick humour). Lee is a very nervous character on stage and often wears a suit, as Lee begins his show he starts to sweat like mad and often has to take a interval to have a shower and change into a new suit, on many occasions dry cleaners refude to clean these spent suits and are often thrown away, I suspect this is quite understandable due to the amount of sweating Lee actually does.

Serviced City Pads supply a large range of London Serviced Apartment Accommodation throughout London and the quality and finish on the apartments is second to none.Lee Evans will continue his new 2011 show with 50 dates lined up called the ‘Roadrunner which eventually makes London’s Wembley Arena on Spetember 14 – 18, his shows started in Bournemouth in August and has been playing to packed theatre’s, the fans are loving his show and it appears this 2011 live tour will be a brilliant success, well done Lee Evans you are the master.