Stay in a Manchester Serviced Apartment and Watch the Lion King

One of the world’s best selling show comes to Manchester to play the Palace Theatre from December 1st for a 4 month run closing on March 31st 2013, this magnificent show has been seen by 65 million people in the world and is still drawing crowds in each theatre they show is performed. The Lion King is a show for all the family and I will certainly be taking mine, please find following short summary of why you should go and see this performance.
The Lion King is based on a Disney animation musical adventure film with music from Elton John and Tim Rice, the show started in the UK in London at Lyceum Theatre in the west end in 1999 and has been playing to full theatre houses ever since including members of the British Royal Family. We booked some Serviced Apartments in Manchester through Serviced City Pads, please contact the reservations team on 0844 335 8866 where one of the reservations team will be delighted to help you choose your apartment.
The musical is based on a Pride of Lions on the Africa plain; it essentially follows a young lion cub named Simba brought into the world and soon is aware that everything exists due to the ‘Circle of Life’. Simba is like any young person who grows up quickly and wants to see life however he is warned not to stray from the Lion Lands or there could be danger here, Simba asks a friend a female cub named Nala to go to the Elephant Graveyard. As the young cubs begin to stray from the protection of the Lion pride they are confronted by three hyenas who are sizing the young cubs for a nice little lunch, they are only saved when Simba’s father Mufasa comes to the rescue. As you can appreciate both cubs are scolded for their deceit and told to behave in the future. The story unfolds where Mufasa is the Lion King, another Lion Scar is trying to become King and this ends with the death of Mufasa and Scar becomes King . Simba has now been banished to the desert however comes back to retain his father throne and Scar is told never to return.