Stay in a Manchester Serviced Apartment and watch the Sound of Music at the Palace Theatre

Stay in a Manchester Serviced Apartment and watch the Sound of Music musical at the Palace Theatre, the stars of the show will be Jason Donovan and Connie Fisher. The show begins on September 6th and runs through to the 17th September. Serviced City Pads supply a large range of Serviced Apartment accommodation for either leisure or corporate stays, Serviced Apartments are becoming very popular versus Hotel accommodation nearly 50% more space and almost feels like a home away from home, please contact the reservations team on 0844 335 8866.

Manchester corporate accommodation. The Sound of Music musical has been adapted from the original film by broadway producers Leland Hayward and Richard Halliday, the adapters also included new musical scores to the play to build on the original. Jason Donovan star’s as Captain Von Trapp a decorated Captain of the Austrian-Hungarain Navy who hire’s a new nanny who is played by Connie Fisher to look after his 7 children in a big house in the Swiss Alps, he summons his children to see the new nany with whistles and they all stand to attention, Maria the nany disproves of this approach. Alone with them, she breaks through their wariness and teaches them the basics of music.

Manchestester City and Leisure breaks are becoming very popular, Serviced City Pads supply a large range of Serviced Apartments throughout Manchester and can be booked either online or through the reservationsd team.This play and musical is all about the road to love, the Captain is engaged to Baroness Elsa Schrader and initially the Baroness is suspicious of Maria the nanny until she tells her that she will be going to a Nunery in 3 months and stay for her future. The Captain gives a party to introduce Baroness Elsa the Captain teaches one of his daughters boyforends daughter to dance with Maria, it becomes very clear quickly that the Captain and Maria are in lover with each other, Elsa his fiancee does not recognise this attraction whilst they dance, quickly after Maria slips out of the front door with her luggage. Maria returns to the monastry to take her monastic vows; but the Mother Abbess realizes that she is running away from her feelings. She tells her to face the Captain and discover if they love each other, and that, by searching for it, she must find the life she was meant to live.

Manchester accommodation.The Captain and Elsa argue about the enevitablility of Austria and Germany becoming one country as they both speak German, the Captain does not want this to happen like Elsa, Elsa after this heated argument cancells their engagement and leaves his life for good. Maria then comes in the next scene and it is quickly evident that they are in love with each and other and openly profess this. Meanwhile the Captain has been told he must report to a ship in the German Navy he is about to Capatin, the Captian does not want to join and escapes with his new lover and wife to be Maria and his family to Switzerland in safety.