Stay in a Manchester Serviced Apartment when you visit the Manchester Opera House to see Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde the musical will be playing at Manchester Opera House from October 18 through to October 29, Serviced City Pads supply great accommodation from 1 night on a Manchester City Break. Please contact the Serviced City Pads reservations team on 0844 335 8866.

Accommodation in Manchester. Legally blonde the musical is an adaptation from the book ‘Legally Blonde’ by Amanda Brown and of course the Reese Wetherspoon critically acclaimed film, this tells a story of Elle Woods a very pretty and trendy Sorority girl from a very wealthy area of Los Angeles, California who understand the that law can help people and decides to apply and enroll at Havard Law School.

Serviced City Pads supply a large range of apartments in Manchester for either a leisure of short or long stay corporate break the apartments range from 1 bedroom upwards and the length of stay can also be from 1 night upwards. The story begins with Elle Wood who is a sorority presdient of a very ‘girlie’ house at university however decides to follow her rather dashing boyfriend Warner Huntingdon to Harvard Law School by taking the entrance exam. Warner had just recently ended their relationship noting he needed someone more serious to lead a successful career in the legal field. Elle is spurred on by her sorority housemates to win Warner back by taking and passing the law exam and does. Elle hopes that going to the same Harvard Law School as Waarner will win him back and that they can happily get married together to have an great future. Serviced City Pads supply a large range of serviced apartments in Manchester.

Weekend breaks in Manchester. When Elle arrives at the upmarket Harvard Law School her rather fashonable attire is frowned upon by her peers and Warner is completely suprised to see Elle arrive at Harvard thinking this is one big joke, also added to the fact he has recently met and spent time over the summer months away from college with a new girlfriend Vievenne Kensington, a very upper class girl from the Hamptons who is also studying law at Harvard.

Emmett Forrest is a Professor at the college and the only person to help Elle in her studies as many of her peers ignore and make fun of her, Emmett starts to see that Elle actually is a grade A student versus her peer group and begins to support development. Elle starts to do well in the class and achieve better grades than Warner and Vievenne. As the story porceeds is becomes very clear that Warner is not a particularly good student and he try’s to win back Elle to no avail, Vievenne kears about this and is not very happy however her and Elle have begun to develop a real friendship. At the end of the course Elle has won the student of the year prize and has also fallen in love with Emmett.