Stay in a serviced apartment for Edinburgh German Christmas Market

Edinburgh is recognised as one of the best places in the UK to spend Christmas, providing 6 weeks of festivities and celebrations in the run up to the big day. One such festivity is the traditional German Christmas Market which runs for a month from 24th November up until Christmas Eve 24th December. When visiting Edinburgh to see the Christmas Market, serviced apartments are the perfect type of accommodation for you to book. Serviced apartments are an increasingly fashionable and popular choice for visitors to cities, offering more freedom, more amenities for your money and more space to hold all your Christmas Market purchases! Serviced City Pads has a large range of serviced apartments for you to choose from for your stay in Edinburgh. To see the serviced apartments available in Edinburgh in the run up to Christmas, please click here.
Christmas markets have been recorded as far back as the medieval times, originating in Europe in countries such as Germany and Austria. Now, there are markets all across the globe but Edinburgh’s market in particular is provided by stallholders based in Frankfurt, Germany. German Christmas Markets are one of the most exciting things about the festive period. There’s nothing quite like it to get you in the Christmas spirit than when you’re all wrapped up, drinking mulled wine and eating gingerbread, perusing stalls that are covered in fairy lights with festive music playing. Other highlights include tasty German food such as bratwurst and crepes, German beer and lots of pretty ornaments, gifts and accessories. The Edinburgh German Christmas Market is an event not to be missed and as it’ll be staying for a month, there’s no excuse not to go! Why not spend an evening or two exploring the markets and trying all the food and drink they have to offer before heading back to your warm, comfy serviced apartment to spend the night in content.
If you will be travelling to Edinburgh to visit the German Christmas Market, serviced apartments are a great accommodation alternative to a hotel room, offering more space and the advantage of having your own kitchen and dining/living area. Whether you are travelling alone, in a couple, a large group or a family, there is a serviced apartment in Edinburgh to suit you. To find out more about what serviced apartments are available for your stay, contact Serviced City Pads on 0844-335-8866 or have a look at the Edinburgh city page on the Serviced City Pads website.