Stay in a Serviced Apartment in Birmingham for the Jean-Michel Jarre Concert

Jean-Michel Andre Jarre is performing at Birmingham National Indoor Arena on the 8th October 2010, a huge global star having sold over 80 million records worldwide throughout his exceptional career, Jarrre (born 24 August 1948) is a French composer, performer and music producer. He is regarded as a pioneer in the electronic, synthpop, ambient and New Age genres, as well as an organiser of outdoor spectacles of his music which feature lights, laser displays and fireworks. Serviced City Pads supply apartments throughout Birmingham.Jarre was raised in Lyon by his mother and grandparents, and trained on the piano. From an early age he was introduced to a variety of art forms, inlcuding those of street performers, jazz musicians, and the artist Pierre Soulages. He played guitar in a band, but his musical style was perhaps most heavily influenced under the direction of Pierre Schaffer, a pioneer of musique concrete at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales. Apartment accommodation in Birmingham through Serviced City Pads.
His first mainstream success was the 1976 album Oxygene. Recorded in a makeshift studio at his home, the album went on to sell an estimated 12 million copies.The album which consists of six numbered tracks, makes strong use of the melody rather than rhythm or dissonance, and a collection of keyboards and synthesisers to create a range of sound textures and melodies. Key components of Jarre’s sound included his use of the Dutch organ/string synthesiser. Oxygene was followed in 1978 by Equinox,Equinox employs a more baroque and classical style than Oxygen, with more emphasis on melodic development. The album makes use of sequencing, particularly on the bass. Although not as commercially successful as Oxygen, its release was followed by a large open-air concert at the Place de la Concorde on Bastille Day, 1979. The 40 minute long event , which used projections of light and images, and fireworks, would serve as a blue print for Jarre’s future concerts. The event helped boost Jarre’s popularity and he sold 800,000 records. It also served as a introduction to Francis Rimbert who now uses Rimbert’s sythesizer setup for the performance and today works full time for Jarre. In 1979 Jarre performed to a record-breaking audience of more than a million people at the Place de la Concorde, a record he has since broken on three seperate occassions. More album were to follow, but his 1979 concert served as a blueprint for his future performances around the world. Several of his albums have been released to coincide with large-scale outdoor events, and he is now perhaps as well known as a performer, as he his a musician. Please contact Serviced City Pads for short and long stay accommodation in Birmingham on 0844 335 8866.
Jarre has sold an estimated 80 million albums and singles. He was the first western musician to be allowed to perform in the Peoples Republic of China, and holds the world record for the largest ever audience at an outdoor event. He has three chidren, and is married to Frenh actress Ann Parillaud. Contact Serviced City Pads reservations team on 0844 335 8866.