Stay in a serviced apartment when you go to see Steps in Birmingham!

90s pop band Steps are back on the scene after a 10 year break and are on their way to Birmingham! Lee, Lisa, H, Claire and Faye will be singing and dancing to all your favourites for 1 night in April at the LG Arena Birmingham. Serviced apartments are still available in Birmingham for the Steps concert on 12th April 2012 so why not take advantage and book one! Serviced apartments are an increasingly fashionable and popular choice for visitors to cities, offering more freedom, more amenities for your money and more space to practice the moves to 5,6,7,8! Serviced City Pads has a large range of serviced apartments for you to choose from for your stay in Birmingham. To see the serviced apartments available in Birmingham for this period, please click here.

Steps are one of Britain’s best loved pop bands, with 14 consecutive UK Top 5 hits and 2 number 1 albums. The band were formed in 1997 with a clever gimmick, all their songs were upbeat, catchy and best of all, had dance routines that were easy to learn. There isn’t a single person from the 90s that couldn’t tell you the dance to 5,6,7,8 or Tragedy. The routines were common knowledge, performed around playgrounds and parties all around the UK. However, in 2001 the band split after releasing a greatest hits album, declaring that they wanted to quit while they were ahead and end on a high. It has since come to light that two members, H and Claire, were unhappy in the group and quit on the last night of the Gold: Greatest Hits Tour. Since the split, none of the band members have had any real musical success. Lisa took part in several reality TV series, H and Claire released a solo album but were dropped from their label after poor sales, whilst Faye and Lee have had success in theatre and Lee has formed his own business, OK!FamouslyFit. However  this year, the band reunited to take part in reality TV series, Steps: The Reunion. They spoke candidly about their feelings about the split and it made for compelling viewing. The upcoming tour will be packed full of old classics and favourites as well as new material. A must-see concert for any Steps fan, the tour is hoping to launch a Take-That-esque comeback.

If you want to relive the magic of Steps then get yourself down to Birmingham’s LG Arena on the 12th April 2012. If you will be travelling to Birmingham to see Steps, serviced apartments are a great alternative to a hotel room, offering more space and the advantage of having your own kitchen and dining/living area. Whether you are travelling alone, in a couple, a large group or a family, there is a serviced apartment in Birmingham to suit you. To find out more about what serviced apartments are available for your stay, contact Serviced City Pads on 0844-335-8866 or have a look at the Birmingham city page on the Serviced City Pads website.