Stay in a serviced apartment when you see Hanson in concert in Edinburgh

This month in Edinburgh, Hanson, the band of long haired boys that brought you MMMbop, will be appearing at the HMV Picturehouse. The boys are all grown up and married now, the youngest being 26, but they’re still the same energetic and exciting band. Missing out on seeing the boys in concert would be a travesty. Who wouldn’t want to sing along to MMMbop with Hanson themselves? If you’re looking for accommodation in Edinburgh when you see Hanson in concert, why not stay in a serviced apartment? Serviced apartments are an increasingly fashionable and popular choice for visitors to cities, offering more freedom, more space and more amenities for your money! Serviced City Pads has a large range of serviced apartments for you to choose from for your stay in Edinburgh. To see the serviced apartments available in Edinburgh for Hanson’s concert, please click here.

Hanson are an American band, hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The band is made up of three brothers: Isaac Hanson (now 30), Taylor Hanson (now 28) and Zach Hanson (now 26). The boys, though having been writing and recording songs since the early 90s first burst onto the chart scene in 1997 with the release of their single, MMMbop. The song was a phenomenal success, reaching number 1 in 27 countries and was nominated for 2 Grammy Awards. When their album, Middle of Nowhere, was released on May 6th, it was declared ‘Hanson Day’ in Tulsa by the governor, Frank Keating. Some fans still celebrate this day even now, over 10 years later. The boys also racked up other hits with this album including, Weird and Thinking of You. Since the huge success of Middle of Nowhere and the succeeding tour, Hanson have been on a rocky ride. They left their record label due to creative differences and have created their own independent label, 3CG Records. The boys have taken part in numerous documentaries about their life as a band and profoundly supported charities helping to fight poverty in Africa. Hanson’s tour has already seen rave reviews so don’t miss out when the boys come to Edinburgh.

If you will be travelling to Edinburgh to see Hanson in concert, serviced apartments are a great alternative to a hotel room, offering more space and the advantage of having your own kitchen and dining/living area. Whether you are travelling alone, in a couple, a large group or a family, there is a serviced apartment in Edinburgh to suit you. To find out more about what serviced apartments are available for your stay, contact Serviced City Pads on 0844-335-8866 or have a look at the Edinburgh city page on the Serviced City Pads website.