Steps playing in Liverpool, make sure you book your apartment

Chart music today does is not like the pop music directed at children that we were lucky enough to enjoy in the 90s. A past love for Steps, SClub 7 and Hearsay might seem like a dark secret we’d rather keep concealed, but when “Tragedy” comes on the radio if you’re old enough to remember the dance moves, you can’t deny that you start bopping along. It’s something to celebrate! Steps were a superb pop group who lay claim to the classic chart hits “One for Sorrow,” “It’s the Way you Make Me Feel” and “Say You’ll be Mine.” The Steps reunion tour is set to hit Liverpool Echo Arena on 4th April 2012. This is set to be a sell-out tour and tickets are extremely sought after.

The group Steps consist of 5 members: Lee, H, Claire, Faye and Lisa. The country-wide tour will give attendees the chance to see how the group members have changed over the years. Hopefully the group will whack out some 90s stage-wear to make us all feel like we’ve stepped back in time. Claire Richards is set to re-join her band members on stage after reportedly losing 5 stone! Fans will hope that Claire is back to looking as fab as she did back in the day, perhaps this will inspire those of us who have put on a few pounds to take a leaf out of her book.

Children will also be welcome to attend the concert.

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