Student Life With Edinburgh Serviced Apartments

Edinburgh University has been in existence since 1582. This illustrious university draws students from all over the UK and other countries with its excellent reputation. This means students from all over the world need cost effective accommodation. Hotels simply are not an option for students as they need a home environment to live in. Serviced apartments in Edinburgh are a cost effective alternative for many students.

Serviced apartments come in various sizes and can accommodate a group of students. Depending on the size, number of bedrooms and location, students happily settle down in small groups. The major reason why serviced apartments in Edinburgh are affordable is the way they charge rental fees. Hotels charge per person, per night, whereas serviced apartments charge per apartment. This means a group of students can split the rental fees amongst themselves.

Home comforts

These apartments come fully furnished with all the amenities of a modern home. The students only have to bring their personal belongings to settle into their little home from home. They have total freedom to come and go as they please without having to adhere to rigid meal times and curfews. Their friends can visit them exactly as when they were living at home as well. They can prepare meals at any time of the day and do not have to rely on eating out for every meal.

The great savings in cost for their accommodation leaves them far more money to explore the city. Edinburgh offers all the entertainment of any cosmopolitan European city. It has a lively night life with pubs and clubs that are all part of student life in any city. Serviced apartments in Edinburgh allow students to fully enjoy their time at university in comfort within a budget.