Take a pub tour

Pubs are a part of UK life. There is nothing better than a relaxing pub lunch and sampling the finest drinks the taverns have to offer, or your tried and tested favourites. This is taken to a new level with pub tours in Edinburgh. Yes, a glorified pub crawl, but is there really anything better to do with some spare time. Enjoying yourself is the entire focus of a weekend for a few days away.

You want to enjoy yourself and relax. You can now do this affordably and comfortably thanks to the rise of serviced apartments. Edinburgh boasts a wide selection of all types and grades of luxury when it comes to their serviced apartments.

You can take a trip up to Edinburgh and stay in serviced apartments that range from the lap of luxury to a humble home away from home. The serviced apartments you stay in is entirely up to you and your budget.

Pub crawling touring

Pub tours are immensely popular as they take you around to some of the finest taverns that Edinburgh has to offer its visitors. You can enjoy your way across Edinburgh, hopping from one pub to the next.

You can choose from a guided tour or you could guide yourself from one pub to the next as you enjoy all they have to offer. There can be no better way to relax and have a good time away from the stresses of life. To make it even better, you can rest in comfort at the end of a pub crawl in a serviced apartment.