Take a tour of the most beautiful castles in the world

Edinburgh is a city steeped in ancient history. A history that has been controversial and often times extremely bloody as noblemen fought for the crown and clans forged alliances. Today the ancient and the modern rub shoulders in the bustling city of Edinburgh. It is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

People come from all over to experience the wonders of the city. Castles have fascinated people for the longest time as it transports them back to a time of pomp and ceremony no longer found in our modern society. Edinburgh offers several castle tours for visitors that have many visitors coming back to experience more.

The list of majestic castles in and around Edinburgh includes Dumbarton Castle. It has the longest recorded history of any UK stronghold. There is Inchmahome Priority that dates back to 1238 where Mary Queen of Scots was brought for safety.

History comes alive

The landmark Edinburgh Castle that is a World Heritage site is not to be missed on any tour of the castles. Edinburgh Castle today still shrouds the mystery of Queen Mary’s son, James VI who is said to have died there. There are so many beautiful castles to visit that an itinerary is necessary for all visitors.

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