The Advantages of Choosing Hotels near Newcastle Airport

If you’re travelling to Newcastle, there’s always the decision of where you should stay. Should you choose hotels near Newcastle airport, or perhaps something a bit more central? Often, choosing accommodation such as serviced apartments in Newcastle near the airport would be the best decision, and here are just a few advantages of doing so.

•    It’s convenient for both the airport and the city. Hotels near Newcastle airport will often have great transport links, with public transport often being available to take you into the city and even shuttle services being provided to transport you to the hotel.

•    If you’ve just got in after a long flight, hotels that are easy to get to will always be preferred. You don’t want to have to travel even further after spending hours on a plane, so hotels that are nearby will be ideal. The same applies if you’ve got an early flight the next day – the minimal travelling time can make the whole exercise a lot easier.

•    You can usually get cheaper prices than if you went for a hotel in the centre of town. Being slightly out of town may pose problems for some people, but that’s a small price to pay for the great value that you’ll be able to find.

These are just a few advantages that you’ll be able to find when you choose hotels near Newcastle airport, and there are sure to be many more. But, remember that hotels aren’t the only option, and if you’d like to look at a great selection of serviced apartments in Newcastle instead then make sure to check us out here at Serviced City Pads.