The Alternative To Hotels Near Cardiff Airport

With its compact city centre, quality shopping, and combination of contemporary and historic architecture, Cardiff has plenty to offer. The Cardiff Bay area in particular is fantastic, offering both indoor and outdoor entertainment.

Whether you’re in the Welsh capital on business or for pleasure, you’ll need somewhere to stay. Of course there are hotels near Cardiff airport or the city centre, ranging from guesthouses to five star luxury.

But if you take a closer look at serviced apartments, you may be surprised at how much you can save when compared to the cost of staying in hotels near Cardiff airport or elsewhere in the city. And that’s especially true if you need accommodation for longer periods, or you’re travelling with colleagues, friends or family.

The main advantage of serviced apartments over hotels near Cardiff airport is the extra space you’ll have – a whole flat to enjoy rather than just a cramped room or two. If you’re travelling with others, that means everyone gets to have their own bedroom.

Serviced City Pads is a leading provider of this kind of accommodation in cities across the UK. We have nearly 30 apartments in Cardiff for the business traveller or holidaymaker, at prices you’ll love. All of them are fully-furnished and beautifully finished, offering accommodation which is at least the same standard as a three-star hotel, if not higher.

And, while none of our serviced apartments is more expensive than one of the hotels near Cardiff airport, many of our deals will actively save you money – before you’ve even taken into account the savings you can make by self-catering rather than eating out.

So next time you need to stay in Cardiff, log on to site and browse our great range of apartments in the city.