The best aspects of a Serviced Apartment The Lounge:

We here at Serviced City Pads know how vital it is to enjoy where you are staying. Whether this is a weekend away, a group stay with your friends or a long term stay for business. Having a comfortable, spacious and relaxing place to stay is essential for a great trip.
What better way to relax is there then resting up on the sofa with a good book, watching a film or simply watching the television in the evening. All of this is possible with a serviced apartment, as we have spacious lounges to offer, where you can unwind. The lounge is the perfect way for you to rest from your day of work, a day out exploring a new city or to entertain some friends during your stay. What is great about the apartments we have to offer is the comfort factor included.
Whilst hotels are a great choice of accommodation, we firmly believe that an apartment has much more to offer. Of course our serviced apartments have wonderful bedrooms to enjoy a good night’s sleep, but it is the lounge and fully equipped kitchens that truly showcase the benefits of a serviced apartment. It is these aspects of the apartment that truly make it feel like home, and what better way to really enjoy your trip then with some home comforts?
Not only do these apartments come with nearly double the space of a hotel room, the apartments we have also offer some fantastic lounges. We have serviced apartments all around the UK, some of our best can be seen below.
Lime House 2 bedroom, Serviced apartment London:

Lime House

Merchants Quarters, 2 bedrooms, Serviced apartment Liverpool:


Sussex Gardens, Studio London:


Stratford East, 2 bedroom apartment, London:


So when you are choosing where to stay on your next trip, why not consider the benefits of a serviced apartment with the comfort of the lounge.