The Commercial Side Of City Life

When people rent serviced apartments in London for business, they often search for those nearest to the City. For this reason, Commercial Road is a popular choice for accommodation in London. Just 2 miles in length, it offers a direct link to both the City and Canary Wharf – both of which buzz with financial activity, day and night.

Renting luxury serviced apartments in London’s Commercial Road is the only way to effectively plan your business stay. After all, where would you rather discuss important Forex transfers – in your own home, or in a hotel room? Renting serviced apartments in London gives you all the security and comforts of home, with the luxury and facilities of a top business hotel.

An important link between London’s prime business districts, Commercial Road is in the borough of Tower Hamlets, on the A13. Being close to Liverpool Street railway station and several tube lines, it’s not a problem if you don’t want to drive. At Serviced City Pads, we understand the priority business users place on local bus and rail networks and always ensure our serviced apartments in London are within easy reach of transport links.

The area has an ancient and fascinating past. Aldgate was originally the easternmost gateway of London Wall, the Roman fortification around the City of Londinium that was redeveloped in the medieval period and practically unaltered until the 18th Century. When booking into serviced apartments in London today, it’s a sobering thought that the City’s commercial and financial status was nearly as important 2,000 years ago.