The Festival Fringe Society – Why become a supporter?

The founding principle at the heart of the Festival Fringe Society (FFS) – to be open-access arts event that accommodates anyone with a story to tell and a venue willing to host them – still regulates its work today. It is our policy that no single individual or committee determines who can or cannot perform at the Fringe. Serviced City Pads.

Constituted in 1959 to formalise the presence of more and more performers who came to Edinburgh despite not being included in the programme of the Edinburgh International Festival (then the only ‘official’ festival), upon it’s creation the FFS took on the role of providing information to artists, publishing the Fringe programme and creating a central box office. In 1969 the Society was incorporated as a limited company and its constitution published.

Unlike many other festivals our constitution celebrates the fact that the Society shall do no vetting of the Fringe programme. That means we have no artistic director and that the programme is shaped by the very initiative and vision of the performers willing to showcase their work with us. Short stay in serviced apartment in Edinburgh through Serviced City Pads.In 2009 the Festival Fringe Society board announced it would be conducting a review of our constitution, which has not been updated since its inception in 1969.

The FFS has a board of trustees who oversee our core Fringe staff in their year-round work, and who make sure everything is in place to produce and presents the worlds biggest explosion of culture every August. The Society is currently made up of some 200 members.

The Fringe needs your support!

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival on the planet, an inspiring celebration of the best performance and entertainment emerging from every continent of the planet, attracting over 34,000 performers to the city every August.

Our open-access policy means that all artists are able to participate in the festival, turning the fringe into a unique platform for developing new talent and shaping the stars of tomorrow. Many famous artists we’ve come to know and love got their big breaks at the Fringe – including Sir Ian Mckellen, Emma Thompson, Dame Maggie Smith and Eddie Izzard.

But we need your support despite generating £75 million for the Scottish Economy, the Festival Fringe Society is a registered charity that receives very little in the way of public funding.Serviced City pads reservations team can be contacted on 0844 335 8866.
We rely on the very kind support of individuals, sponsors and other organisations who help us ensure that we remain faithful to our founding principle – to be an open-access festival which is inclusive of all – and that we continue to grow in a sustainable and vibrant way.

The Fringe gets next to no public funding, yet offers massive returns in terms of international prestige, tourism and creative impact. It is a success story worth reinforcing. Please contact Serviced City Pads for short stay accommodation.