The Many Faces of Southampton

There are many reasons to visit Southampton, established as a seaport when founded by the Romans 2000 years ago. It is here that you will find the well known Maritime Museum with an exhibition detailing the history of the Titanic. Shopping is plentiful as well as being home to art galleries, theatres and museums; providing entertainment for everyone. Southampton is also a thriving business area with links to the Channel Islands as well as the UK and Europe, making it popular with many business owners.

Whether you are in Southampton for a family holiday, a break away from it all or a business trip, you will find plenty to do with beautiful scenery and some culture thrown in. There are plenty of hotels near Southampton airport which will provide a suitable base for your holiday or business trip, but if you want privacy and total freedom, a serviced apartment in Southampton is the best alternative.

A serviced apartment in Southampton will provide you with a comfortable base in which you can eat when you like, unlike in a hotel, as well as have much more space. If you are in Southampton on business, hotels near Southampton airport do not provide a suitable area for you to hold an impromptu business meeting, or entertain clients at a moment’s notice. If you have work to finish it is desirable to have access to the Internet and peace and quiet so that you can concentrate without doors slamming and people chatting.

Here at Serviced City Pads, we have serviced apartments in Southampton to suit you, whether you are on business or on holiday.