The Mersey Ferry fleet is still going strong

No matter what your reason for renting luxury serviced apartments in Liverpool, you’re sure to start whistling the famous song the moment you see your first ferry crossing the Mersey. It’s an iconic image that hasn’t changed since the 1960s, when Gerry Marsden first penned those famous words.

There have been ferries crossing the Mersey since Mediaeval times – they were recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086. In the 14th century, Birkenhead Priory ran the service to the tiny village of Liverpool. Following the dissolution of the monasteries, the ferries were run as privately owned, fully rigged sailing ships. Not a good idea, on a foggy river with little wind!

Literally hundreds of ferries have come and gone over the years – including fully rigged sailing ships. Not a good idea in a narrow shipping channel with heavy fogs and little wind!  In 1914, the SS Iris and Daffodil served as troop ships, resulting in the word “Royal” being added to their names. The Royal naming tradition continued until 1960, when a new generation of “super modern” diesel ferries were launched. Their grand titles – Woodchurch, Mountwood and Overchurch – were names of post-war housing developments! Given a total refit in the 1990s, they were renamed Snowdrop, Royal Daffodil and Royal Iris  – the latest generation of “Royal Flowers” on the Mersey.

We at Serviced City Pads have a number of serviced apartments in Liverpool’s waterfront district, where you can watch these historic vessels chugging away to your heart’s content. To learn more, book accommodation in Liverpool and head for the fascinating maritime museum.