The Thames in London is a Great River

I have recently returned from a stay in West London to visit a friend who lives in there, after a really nice trip down on the train from Manchester surprisingly quick and hassle free I arrived in just over two hours.
I jumped on the train to West London and Teddington in particular to spend a relaxing day with a university friend who has resided there for many years, he also has developed a passion for fishing. I decided to stay in a London Serviced Apartment as an alternative to a Hotel for myself and wife to enjoy more spacious accommodation.
We walked down to Teddington Lock whilst discussing my stay in London, the tide was out so we walked across the bridge, the views were wonderful and there were many boats mored in the centre of the thames river. My friend unravelled this rather impressive fishing rod to catch the best fish possible, we spent only 1 hour on the river with a flask of thermos we had the success of catching a very large pike.
Standing on the bank of the thames with fantastic view down on Teddington Lock, we had a wonderful day and were full of spirits on route back to our London Apartment.