The University of Liverpool Graduation 2011

The dates for The University of Liverpool graduating class have just been announced. They will take place between Monday 18th July 2011 – Friday 22nd July 2011.
The degree ceremony is currently held in the beautiful Philharmonic Hall on Hope Street, Liverpool, home to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. It’s a proud day for you, your family and your friends. It’s a chance to celebrate all that you have achieved throughout your university career and to look back at the years have spent with us.
Graduation represents the peak of a student’s academic life; the moment when years of study and hard work come to fruition. University is a great experience, but it’s pretty useless without the qualifications at the end. However more often than not is it a prouder day for the parents of the students. Weeping mums and proud dads will fill the rafters watching their offspring graduate from University. Often when the parents or families are coming over they will be looking to stay a night or 2 to make the most of the trip, especially if they’re coming to Liverpool from far away. The first option which the students might offer their parents is to crash on the couch in their student digs. Having been a student myself, I wouldn’t wish that night on anyone, especially family! So the next option to come to mind might be a hotel. However being stuck in a cramped hotel room for a couple of nights might not be the most appealing idea, so how about trying a serviced apartment in Liverpool when travelling over for graduation ceremony?
A serviced apartment in Liverpool can give you the luxury and service of staying in a hotel so you don’t have to worry about slumming it. An apartment has the massive advantage over a hotel though as you get so much more or your money in terms of space and facilities. In an apartment you get a fitted kitchen so you have the option of making your own meals. Even if this is just as simple as cheese on toast or popping a pizza in the oven! Also you have the space of a lounge area when you can relax and unwind, rather than being stuck in the four walls of a hotel room. Serviced City Pads a good selection of accommodation in Liverpool in our serviced apartments. Located around Leeds City Centre, all would be a great option when looking for accommodation for the 2011 graduations for The University Of Liverpool.