Time for a Cuppa in your Serviced Apartment

You open the front door, put the kettle on take off your shoes and relax.  Shrug off the long day and focus on the evening ahead.

Where am I?

What is different is that you are a long way away from home, you don’t have any of your familiar items around you and you don’t have your normal routine, except that cuppa, which is non negotiable and part of your day. You put down your packages along with your keys and hang up your jacket.  Then you make your way to the kitchen and flip the switch on the kettle.

While the kettle prepares itself to boil, you go about getting organising your tea tray, placing on it teapot, tea cup and teaspoon.  Teabags go into the teapot, milk into the milk jug and sugar bowl on the tray.  Leaving the water to boil you make your way into the living room and open the large glass sliding doors, exposing panoramic city views.

You turn on the hi-fi stereo and make your way into the bedroom where you take off your shoes, feeling the thick luxurious carpet underfoot.  The water in the kettle calls you back to the kitchen and you tip it into the teapot, stir and replace the lid.

Still barefoot you carry the tray onto the patio where you wait for it to breathe by taking time to appreciate the vista in front of you.  At last the tea is ready, your cuppa at the end of the day has restored some semblance of normality for you in a city which is not your own, and for a moment you have forgotten that you are not in your own home. That is the experience of staying in a serviced city apartment.