Top Destinations: London

We have a wide variety of amazing serviced apartments to offer you throughout the UK. Not only does this variety of apartments ensure you have a spacious and comfortable place to stay wherever you decide to visit, but also gives you a chance to see the best of these cities! We strive to offer you the best apartments whichever city you choose, and make your stay the best possible. The only question is where to stay?

Today we are looking at the capital itself. What serviced apartments in London we can offer you and what the city has to offer. Not only is London a city full of history and amazing sites, it also has some wonderful events that you can be part of. Whether you are staying for leisure or business, London offers so much that can make your stay amazing! Of course if it is your first time in London there are many tourist options to explore, such as the London eye, the red bus tours and the historical side of London to see; including Big Ben, Tower of London, Westminster abbey and Buckingham Palace.

If you are traveling to London for business, and you have explored the city before, London can still offer you so much. There are always new restaurants, West end shows and new events to take in. Of course, staying in a serviced apartment is also a part of making your trip the best it can be.

Tower Bridge, London

What is great about staying in a service apartment is that you have access to the center of London if you wish, or apartments close to the tube stations if you would prefer to be further away. We also have a great deal of apartments for those travelling to London on business. Whether you require an apartment that has WIFI, work area, or an apartment for your friends, we can help. If your stay is just a quick visit, then don’t hesitate to get in touch, we have some wonderful short stay apartments in London as well!