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Throughout the country there are small community groups who meet on a regular basis, in halls and living rooms. They meet for all kinds of reasons: local politics, environmental concerns, sports teams and even hobby groups. The usual plan is to have a special guest speaker, although this often doesn’t happen owing to the constrictions of the venue. The situation is the same: finding one that is affordable, has full business facilities and is centrally located.

Local groups take their meetings as seriously as the borough councils do. Successful, long-running groups tend to avoid the living room approach – there are too many squabbles and disruptions, as well as the problem of space. This leaves local halls and community centres, which are generally overbooked and lack essentials like Wifi access and tables.

“Living room politics” is something that serviced apartments in Birmingham were built for. Cheap hotels in Birmingham fit the bill in so many ways. They are centrally located, with good transport links, and have refreshments, business facilities, bathrooms, easy transport links and hotel-style bedrooms for guest speakers and out-of-town “delegates”.

Serviced apartments in Birmingham need cost no more than a community hall. They offer you all the facilities of a business suite, with all the comforts of your own living room. What’s more, you can rent serviced apartments in Birmingham for as short or long a period as you like – ideal if you have a lot of topics to discuss.

We at Serviced City Pads rent out accommodation in Birmingham for all kinds of events – why not consider us for your next community gathering?