Urban heritage in Castlefield

Manchester displays a huge variety and a vast amount of architectural heritage. Architecture and history enthusiasts love Manchester for its beautiful and rich architecture. The city is a mixture of new, old and ancient and the effect is breathtaking. One of the biggest attractions in Manchester is Castlefield Urban Heritage Park. This park offers the history buff and every visitor to Manchester a feast for the eyes.

You can feast your eyes on old and ancient buildings, standing from roman times. You can take in Manchester’s industrial heritage as the very first industrial city the world welcomed. And you can do all of this on a relatively shoestring budget too.

Out and about

Staying over in Manchester does not have to cost you the earth. Quite the contrary, it can cost you relatively little. All you need to do is book your stay in a Manchester serviced apartment. Manchester serviced apartments offer you the fine blend of home comforts and hotel luxury. And to make them more attractive, they come with varying price tags from a mere roof over your head to extravagant luxury.

You can plan a trip to Manchester and thoroughly visit Castlefield Urban Heritage Park, even in tough times. After all, you cannot hope to explore all that Castlefield has to offer in the span of a single afternoon. You need time to take it all in and truly experience it. This is where serviced apartments in Manchester really save you money. Make up a group or make it a family time to spend quality time and get a taste of history and culture.