Urbis in Manchester

When you think of a museum you probably come up with a mental image of an old, seedy building that has stood the test of time. In it you probably expect to see things centuries old and no longer of much interest to modern society.

Museums are not always the most fun you can have, that is until Urbis, Manchester, was unveiled. Urbis is located in the heart of Manchester’s modern hub. This museum is not filled with things from the Stone Age.

Oh no, Urbis is dedicated to modern Manchester as it is the first industrial city in the world. And that’s not all Urbis has to offer you, and there is no better way to stay in Manchester on a trip to Urbis than in a serviced apartment.

Modern history

Urbis offers you exhibitions dedicated to modern Manchester. But, it also offers visitors exhibitions dedicated to other modern cities across the globe. Some of the other city exhibitions include Singapore, Los Angeles and Paris. For once you will be able to interact with historical items and tales that you can relate to. To further impose its modern historical legacy, Urbis is constructed largely of glass.

This lends a beautiful and artistic modern feel to the building. This museum is well worth a visit, even if you do not live in Manchester. Staying over in Manchester to visit Urbis need not be a drag.

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