Serviced Apartments in London when Visiting the Houses of Parliament

Serviced Apartments are becoming a great alternative to a Hotel and this is ideal accommodation when you visit the Houses of Parliament this summer. You can visit the ‘Mother’ of all parliaments from July 29 until October 1, this is the summer holiday period for the House when all the MP’s go on holiday and spend time in their constituencies. Serviced City Pads supply short and long stay Serviced Apartment’s throughout London, you can contact the reservation team on 0844 335 8866 where they will be more than happy to select the perfect accommodation for your London stay.

UK residents can tour the House of Westminster throughout the year, oversees visitors can only tour the house on Saturdays and throughout the Summer opening both can use a Serviced Apartment for accommodation on the London City Break with either budget or luxury apartments. Tourist who visit the Houses of Parliament do so in the presence of a trained guide who will take them round the house in about 75 minutes for the experience.

It is considered a rare privilage for a foreign leader to be allowed to address both houses in Westiminster Hall. Since the second world war the only leaders to have done so have been the French President Charles de Gaulle, the South African President Nelson Mandela, Pope Benedict XVI and most recently the President of the United States Barack Obama.

The Houses of Parliament breaks down into the following parts for your trip. It starts with a visit to the Lord’s Chamber which is located in the southern part of the Palace of Westominster. This lavishly decorated room is coloures red, the upper part of the chamber is decorated by stained glass windows and by six allegorical frescoes representing relgion, chivalry and the law.

Serviced Apartments in London are very popular with either UK or foreign tourists and when visiting the House of Lords, the Members of the house represent red benches on three sides of the chamber. The benches on the Lord’s speakers right form the Spiritual Side and those to his left from the Temporal Side.

After a relaxing evening in your Serviced Apartment in London you can visit the Chamber of the House of Commons at the northern end of the Palace of Westminster it was opened in 1950 and can only seat in it’s green chairs two thirds of all MP’s, so when there are important and busy sittings or bills to be passed many of the members of parliamnent have to stand for long periods of time. Serviced City Pads.

The two red lines on the floor of the House of Commons are 2.5 metres apart which is intended to be just over two swords lengths. This as rumour has it to stop and prevent disputes in the House from devolving into duels.