View Leonardo da Vinci’s work in London at the National Gallery

Leonardo da Vinci the Master Painter to the Court of Milan can be viewed at London’s National Gallery until Sunday 5th February where 9 of the 15 remaining paintings will be on display from the master genius painter. You can book a London Apartment through Serviced City Pads who will be delighted to select from a large range of London Serviced Apartment connected throughout the capital. You can contact the reservations team on 0844 335 8866 where a member of the team will send through apartment options linked to your requested size and budget.
Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 and raised in Florence who lays claim quite understandably the greatest painter of all time as he epitomized the Renaissance humanist ideal, his younger years were spent under the tutoridge of the renowned Florence painter Verrocchio. Leonardo undertook much work in Milan, Venice, Rome and Bologna. Among his works are Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, The Creation of Adam very few of his paintings survive due to his constant changes of pictures so many never stayed the same.
Leonardo is revered for his technological ingenuity. He conceptualized a helicopter, a tank, concentrated solar power, a calculator, the double hull, and he outlined a rudimentary theory of plate tectonics. Relatively few of his designs were constructed or were even feasible during his lifetime but some of his smaller inventions, such as an automated bobbin winder and a machine for testing the tensile strength of wire, entered the world of manufacturing unheralded. He made important discoveries in anatomy, civil engineering, optics, and hydrodynamics, but he did not publish his findings and they had no direct influence on later science.
Leonardo da Vinci is clearly a master in many forms from painting to engineering the man is almost superhuman and I can recommend a visit to the National Gallery and you will not be disappointed, why not after a glorious day return with a nice bottle of wine to your London Apartment to reflect on what might have been on your stay in London.