Visit Buckingham Palace and View the Royal Wedding Dress

The marriage of the the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was truly a magnificent event, to see the complete accompliment of the Royal Court in their finery was a sight to behold. Serviced City Pads supply Serviced Apartment accommodation throughout London and the reservations team can be contacted on 0844 335 8866.

Buckingham Palace opens its doors once again in 2011 from July 23 until October 3, this is where you can view for the first time the dress worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. The Duchess chose British brand ALexander McQueen for the beauty of its craftmanship and its respect for traditional workmanship and technical construction of clothing. Her Royal Highness worked closely with Sarah Burton in formulating the design of her dress.Serviced City Pads.
The dress is made from Ivory and white satin-gazar. The shape of the skirt, with arches and pleats, echoes an opening flower, and the ivory satin bodice, which is narrowed at the waist and padded in the hips, draws on the Victorian tradition of corsetry – a hallmark of the Alexander McQueen designs. The back of the dress is finished with 58 gazar and organised covered buttons fastened by Rouleau loops.Serviced City Pads.
Many people were invlovlved in making the dress from across the United Kingdom and tookm many months to complete, but what a wonderful site Kate Middleton from commoner to a wonderful princess. The whole day made every subject proud to be be British. The Duchess of Cambridge wedding dress and the royal wedding cake will be on display as part of the Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace, which inlcudes the special exhibition Royal Faberge.Serviced City Pads.In May 2009, inresponse to a request form the Royal Family to the government for money for a backlog of repairs to the wonderful building, a group of MP’s on the Public Accounts Committee proposed that in retunr for an extra £4 million in annual funds requested, the palace should be open to the public more than the 60 days it is now, as well as members of the Royal Family are in residence. The British government currently provides £15 million yearly for the palaces upkeep.Serviced City Pads.Buckingham Palace is the symbol and home to the British monarchy, an art gallery and tourist attraction. Behind the gilded railing and gates which were made by the Bromsgrove guild and Webbs famous facade. Buckingham Palace is not only the weekday home of the Queen and Prince Phillip but also the London residence of the Duke of York and the Earl and Countess of Wessex. The Palaces also houses the offices of the Royal Household and its workforce of 450 people. Service City Pads.Other events at Buckingham Palace during the summer months are the famous Garden Parties the Queen hosts, other events will be receptions, audiences and banquets. The Garden parties of which 3 will be the number,