Visit Harrod’s for some Christmas Shopping

Charles Henry Harrods opened this iconic store in 1824 at the grand old age of 24, I decided to visit this world renowned store to establish what Christmas presents they could expect, so I decided to stay in London. Charles Harrods initially had his original stores in Borough and then Clerkenwell, after a few years in the city he left due to the inner city vice to Brompton where the Great Exhibition was being held. Brompton is where the current Harrods’s is today.
After leaving my London Apartment to visit the store, I knew I would be in for the treat there is 1 million square foot of store space broken down into 330 departments, I had my Christmas list and went into the store with huge excitement as in 2010 the Qatari investment fund had acquired the store and proceeded with a large store upgrade programme.
5, 000 employees now work at Harrods from 50 different Nationalities so I knew there would be great help to select the right presents for the family.
The shop’s 330 departments offer a wide range of products and services. Products on offer include clothing for women, men, children and infants, electronics, jewellery, sporting gear, bridal trousse, pets and pet accessories, toys, food and drink, health and beauty items, packaged gifts, stationery, housewares, home appliances, furniture, and much more
After purchasing many gifts for the family I headed back to my London Serviced Apartment for a well earned rest.