Visit London and take part in the Richmond 10k Fun Run

It’s the timing of year to get back into shape and why not stay in London and visit the banks of the Thames in Richmond to indulge in a fun run for 10k.
I actually completed this race in March 2011 with some friends and spent a good couple of months training for the occasion, you will need to up early on the Sunday morning for the run to start at 9.30a sharp so we stayed in a Serviced Apartment in London in the West End and booked the 2 bedroom property through Serviced City Pads who have a large range of apartments throughout London and the reservations team can be contacted on 0844 335 8866.
When I arrived to registered there were a large amount of people of varying ages and standards so that gave me comfort to know that I would be in the middle of the group and in particular it would be an enjoyable experience. All the running is along the banks of the Thames at Richmond so not only is it good fun with large amount of people, you are also running along one of the most beautiful stretches of river in the world and I’m sure this adds to the electric atmosphere. I made a really clean start and at 5 kilometres felt really good however as we passed each marker when you hit 8k the pain starts to sink in and the last 2k weren’t the most enjoyable at all however we all made it in around 1 hour so no shame there. We also went back to my London Serviced Apartment to enjoy a good rest and most importantly a nice glass of Champagne Celebration.