Visit London Haymarket Theatre and Stay in a London Serviced Apartment

Shakespeare’s Tempest is playing at the Haymarket Theatre in London West End. Serviced City Pads supply a large range of London Serviced Apartments throughout London and the reservations team will be delighted to discuss your London Accommodation requirements. The Serviced City Pads reservations team can be contacted on 0844 335 8866.

Shakespeare’s tempest was written by the great man in roughly 1610 and set in Italy, where the Duke of Milan has lost face in the court of the King and inparticular this means his daughter face has been shamed, the Duke of Milan escapes to an island where he plots to restore his daughters reaspectful postion in society through careful manipulation. The reservations team at Serviced City Pads have a large range of London Serviced Apartment knowledge for either leisure of or corporate stay, this can be either for a short or long stay from 1 night upwards through to several years particularly when working on large projects.

The Duke of Milan has sent to an Island after being deposed by the evil Dukes who are loyal to the King of Naples, twelve years passes and his beautiful daughter is fifteen years old, this has been quite a tough environment for the Duke of Milan. The Duke of Milan has been supported by the King of Naples footman Gonzalo who sends him supplies of food and what else he may require, if Gonzalo had not supported the Duke of Milan hew would have not survived this last twelve years. There is also another inhabitant on the island In the conclusion, all the main characters are brought together before Prospero, who forgives Alonso. He also forgives Antonio and Sebastian, but warns them against further betrayal. Ariel is charged to prepare the proper sailing weather to guide Alonso and his entourage (including Prospero and Miranda) back to the Royal fleet and then to Naples, where Ferdinand and Miranda will be married. After discharging this task, Ariel will finally be free. Prospero pardons Caliban, who is sent to prepare Prospero’s cell, to which Alonso and his party are invited for a final night before their departure. Prospero indicates that he intends to entertain them with the story of his life on the island. Prospero has resolved to break and bury his magic staff, and “drown” his book of magic, and in his epilogue, shorn of his magic powers, he invites the audience to set him free from the island with their applause.

I always love shakespeare’s play’s and personally have begun to have a real passion for his work. Many in the reservations team at Serviced City Pads believe in the true natural ability of the great man. Serviced City Pads supply short and long term for either leisure or corporate stays.