Visit London’s Natural History Museum and Stay in a London Serviced Apartment

The Natural History Museum will begin an exhibition of Wildlife photography from 21 October through to 11 March, Serviced City Pads supply a large range of London Serviced Apartments throughout London where you can book from one night through to many years. The Serviced City Pads reservations team can be contacted on 0844 335 8866 where a member of the team will be delighted to help you choose the right London Serviced Apartment.

Many visitors to London particularly family and leisure groups spend three and four days taking a tour of London, many leisure visitors are beggining to view staying in a London Serviced Apartment as a great alternative versus a London Hotel. This is due to the fifty percent increase in space and the opportunity to purchase food at the local supermarket and cook in the relaxed atmosphere of their own home away from home.The Natural History museum is comprised of three museums and located in South Kensington, the wildlife photography of the year competition will be held here from October 21 for the nearly six months, the competition is open to professional and non-professional photographers throughout the world, this truly is a global competition and only the best will win the event. The location of the museum is perfect as it houses many significant collections of zoology and large mamals.

London Serviced Apartments are becoming very popular with travel bookers in corporate organisations when they stay away from above one night, many guests are working on long projects which can last for months and also years, Serviced City Pads reservations team will source apartments anywhere in the UK and we have many repeat corporate guests who enjoy the experience of staying in a serviced apartment over a London Hotel room which it can be said can be small and not relax the guest over a period of the stay. I have a wonderful experience of the Natural History Museum many years previous, the photgrapher yearly competition was being shown and they had these superb pictures on billboards outside the museum, there were some particular pictures taken from an arial view throughout Africa such as photographs of anaimals on the African plains drinking from watering holes and a great picture of Fez in Morrocco where the dye masters do their work, that picture was fantastic.

I can reccommend a visit to the Natural History Museum as a must when visiting London, the photographs will make your day and give you can enormous uplift. Please do not hesitate and contact the Serviced City Pads reservations team who will be delighted to help in your choice of a London Serviced Apartment, please call 0844 335 8866 to source your accommodation today.