Visit the vaults

Lovers of ghost stories and haunted spaces hunters can take a trip to Edinburgh for a delightful time in the Edinburgh vaults. The Edinburgh vaults were built in the 1700’s, eighteenth century, and stand to this very day. The vaults were built under the South Bridge.

When the South Bridge was built in the 18th, ground under it was excavated for the vaults. A combination of chambers, large rooms and smaller rooms were built. Although the vaults were originally used to store goods for the entrepreneurs, craftsmen and artisans who had business on the South Bridge, ghost stories abound.

Ghosts of the past

The Edinburgh vaults are a great visit for ghost hunters and ghost story lovers. You can choose from two different tours of the vaults. You can try the Edinburgh Vaults Walking Tour or the Edinburgh Underground Night Walking Tour, or maybe try them both. One of the chilling tales around the Edinburgh vaults is about body snatchers.

It was rumoured that the body snatchers of Edinburgh, Burke and hare, stored stolen bodies in the vaults. Taking a trip to Edinburgh in order to visit the vaults may seem out of reach in the tough economic times we are all faced with. However, Edinburgh serviced apartments offer you an affordable and comfortable alternative for your stay. Forget hotels, forget bed and breakfast inns.

Serviced apartments are all you need. They will offer you the comfort of a hotel at a fraction of the cost. They also offer you a superb and secure place to rest your head after ghost hunting tours of the Edinburgh vaults.