Visit the Wonderful Chelsea Flower Show 2011

The Chelsea Flower Show takes place in 2011 from July 5 until July 10 at Hampton Court in West London, the flower show draws huge numbers of crowds and most members of the Royal Family make an attendance. Serviced City Pads supply Serviced Apartments throughout London and of course throughout West London where the Chelsea Flower Show is taking place. Please contact the reservations team on 0844 335 8866.

The flower show has grown in popularity over the last 50 years due to the more members of the public having access to gardens, the British are passionate gardners who can make them spectacular on a limited budget and space. Due to more crowds enjoying the wonderful spectacle in 1988 a limit of 40,000 per day were imposed – a reduction of 90,000 in total from the previous year and memebrs were charged for the first time to gain entry. An immediate response was a drop in numbers; by April, ticket booking was so slow that national advertisements were taken out to encourage people to come to Chelsea, and the original announcement that tickets would not be available at the gates was rescinded. In 1988 was also the first year that ticket touts made their presence felt, and the RHS felt frustration of seeing tickets sold at considerable mark-up without being able to do anything. Serviced City Pads.

Due to the increasing popularity of the Chelsea Flower Show so the show moved to Hampton Court (who also had an existing flower show) and merged, the increased options in flowers and exhibits meant the became an absolute success overnight and this cememted what is know today as the Chelsea Flower show. Serviced City Pads supply Serviced Apartment accommodation throughout West London if your are visiting the Chelsea Flower Show at Hampton Court. Serviced City Pads.

Today the Chelsea Flower Show has an annual attendence of 157,000 a number limited due to the size of the 11 acre ground, and all tickets must be purchased in advance. From 2005 the show was increased from four to five days, with the first 2 days only open to RHS members. The show is extensively covered on television by the BBC. The Chelsea Flower Show has become an important venue for watching trends. New plants are often launched at the show and the popularity of older varieties revived under the focus of the horticultural world. It is the garden design euivalent  of a catwalk at a fashion show. Serviced City Pads.

Hampton Court is located 20 miles west from Central London and recieves many visitors throughout the year, it was originally build to rival the great Verseilles on the outskirts of Paris, the style is distincly regal and draws many international visitors throughout the summer months. Many international visitors return primarily for the fantastic Palace however the gardens are a must for anyone who is passionate about gardening. Serviced City Pads.