Visiting London’s iconic Big Ben? Stay in a serviced apartment.

Big Ben is one of the most iconic images of London, and indeed the whole of the UK, to foreign eyes. The image of the clock tower has been used on some many occasions by the visual media; when a television or film-maker wishes to indicate a generic location in Britain, a popular way to do so is to show an image of the Clock Tower. The name ‘Big Ben’ itself is technically just the name of the largest bell on the clock tower structure. The structure is the large four-faced chiming clock and the third largest free standing clock tower in the world. The tower was finished being built in 1858 so is now over 150 years old. Did you know, that because of changes in ground conditions since construction (notably tunnelling for London’s underground train network), the tower leans slightly to the north-west, by roughly 22 centimetres (8.66 inches) at the clock dials?

Big Ben is one of London’s most popular tourist attractions also sitting at the North end of Westminster Palace which contains the Houses of Parliament. Together they make one of London’s most popular tourist attractions. UK residents can arrange visits up to the clock tower through their local MP, and guided tours of the Westminster are taken throughout the week and weekends. For more information you can visit the UK Parliament website through the following this link.

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