Visiting Southampton for the Titanic Cities Year.

April 2012 marks 100 years since the ill-fated maiden voyage of RMS Titanic. Southampton was the port that the Titanic began her journey and the city is heavily associated with the tragedy. Titanic 2012 is a series of events that take places in the locations heavily associated with the ship; Belfast, where the Titanic was constructed; Liverpool, where she was registered; Southampton, where she started her maiden voyage; Cherbourg, the first port of call; and Cobh, the last place the Titanic docked before she departed for New York across the Atlantic Ocean. In April 2012 there are several events taking place in Southampton due to mark the significant anniversary of the tragedy and many will be looking to travel and stay in Southampton.

Southampton has a proud naval history and is synonymous with all things maritime. It is one Britain’s main ports, along with Liverpool and Bristol and has the accolade of the Cruise Capital of Europe. Southampton also has a thriving cultural scene with one of the largest collections of museums and galleries outside of London and it also boasts some of the region’s best theatres, venues and concert halls.

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