Vistit the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol

The Clifton suspension bridge is a must see attraction for any visit to Bristol. The bridge, which is one of the most famous landmarks in the UK (incidentally it is this bridge that is featured on Serviced City Pads Bristol homepage), spans the stunning Avon gorge and is the main symbol of Bristol. The hisory of the Clifton Suspension Bridge spans back to the mid 18th Century, and was Isambard Kingdon Brunel’s first major commission, but unfortunately he never got to see his completed vision which was finished in 1864 (Brunel died in 1859). The bridge cost £100,000 to build and is mainly made up of wrought iron and Bristol Pennant stone.

If you are staying in an apartment in Bristol you can take a guided tour of the bridge. Each tour takes about an hour. These tours are also useful for school children who visit Bristol. For more details go to

Views from the Clifton suspension bridge along the River Avon are incredible. Infact the bridge is at it’s most spectacular at night time as it is illuminated

The Clifton suspension bridge links two areas of Bristol: Clifton and Leigh Woods. Clifton is a fashionable district of Bristol with a number of serviced apartments, wine bars and restaurants. If you plan to visit Bristol, staying in Clifton would be a good alternative to staying in a hotel in Bristol city centre.

Serviced City Pads has a number of apartments in Bristol that would be ideal for a short stay in Bristol, whether your visit is with work or a leisure break with your family. Bristol, with it’s wealth of visitor attractions is a popular destination for the “staycation” which is becoming more popular with British holiday makers, especially as the strength of the Euro versus the Pound has meant visiting Europe an expensive alternative to holidaying in the UK.

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If you are driving a car during your stay in Bristol you can cross the bridge for a fee of 50p. Walk or cycle across the bridge free of charge.