Watch Billy Elliot and Stay in a London Serviced Apartment

Billy Elliot has been running since March 2005 and is now running at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London’s West End, Serviced City Pads have a great range of London Serviced Apartments form studios through large penthouses. You can stay in a London Serviced Apartment from one night upwards and are a great alternative to a London Hotel due to the fifty percent increase in rooms.
Billy Elliot is the story of a young man’s dream to dance on the stage, the musical is originally set in a North East mining town during the 1984 – 1985 mining strike which effectively split the whole country and many families never spoke to each other again. Billy lives with his father and brother who are miners going through the strike, his mothers has left the house many years previous so he is brought up by his father and brother.
Billy’s father gives him money for Boxing practice to build him into a man and finds after many months he hasn’t been going because secretly he wants to learn ballet, his Grandmother knows this however keep this a secret. His father wants to know what this money has been spent on and quite rightly in livid. Billy has been spending this money on ballet lessons and his father finds this hard to take as he is on the mining picket lines on a daily basis and feels this is not a man’s pastime.
The popularity of London Serviced Apartments is becoming very evident versus the London Hotels who have the lions share of London Accommodation for many years. London Serviced Apartments offer more space and can often work out thirty percent cheaper versus Hotels and in the current economic climate many leisure and corporate customers find this an ideal accommodation solution. Eventually Billy and his father begin to bond and accept that this Billy’s chosen profession and he wins a place in the very famous London Ballet School of performing arts.
Billy moves down to London to study ballet and his father visits the London theatre to see his first show and is quite visibly moved, this story is a heart warming story and all at Serviced City Pads can recommend this musical as an absolute must. Serviced City Pads supply a large range of London Serviced Apartments throughout London and the reservations team will be delighted to source and book the right apartment for you, please contact 0844 335 8866.