Watch Steven Merchant at the Hammersmith Apollo

Steven Merchant the award winning comedy writer who created ‘The Office’ comedy programme ‘The Office’ has a new offering on November 29 at the Hammersmith Apollo called ‘Hello Ladies’ which is his highly awaited stand up tour. London Serviced Apartments are a great alternative to hotels due to the increase space.
Steven Merchant was born in Bristol in 1974 and by all accounts didn’t show any promise of becoming a stand up comedian as his school report highlights a very quiet intelligent boy who focussed on his academic work, apparently the school believed he would pursue a career in insurance similar to his father. Merchant left Warwick University and started his career at the radio station XFM as Ricky Gervais assisted who was interestingly head of speech (Merchant also started stand up at this time and by all accounts took quite a while to find success); the two developed a great rapport with each other and became great friends as also co-workers. Merchant went on to become a radio presenter at X fm and spent seven years with the radio station.
Merchant left X fm and went as a broadcast assistant at the BBC and initially commissioned a show called ‘Seedy Boss’ and enlisted Ricky Gervais as the main character, this show was pre-run for the highly acclaimed office which went on to receive worldwide success. I suspect Steven would be staying in a London Apartment after then show.
Merchant started his UK wide tour of ‘Hello Ladies’ in September 2011 (this also included a stop off in New York interestingly) and tonight see him the Hammersmith Apollo, if I could make the trip to Hammersmith I wouldn’t miss for the world enjoy. If you can pick up a ticket why not make an evening and stay in London.