Watch the new film adventures of Tintin stay in a London Serviced Apartment

November will see the lauch of the widely anticipated classic cartoon character ‘Tintin’ into a animated film. Serviced City Pads supply a large range of London Serviced Apartments throughout London you can contact the reservations team who can help you choose the right apartment for your London Stay. Please contact the resevrations team on 0844 335 8866.

London is a very popular destination for guests from either the UK or from around the world, London Serviced Apartments are proving very popular with families and leisure guests due to the fifty percent increase in space and also the brilliant option to purchase food fom the local supermarket and cook in the kitchen, the feedback from the guests is this almost home away from home. London Serviced Apartments are becoming a must if your on leisure visit to London from one nights upwards. My experience with Tintan has been the many comic books read throughout my childhood who were created by the Belgian Artist Georges Remi, Tintin is a reporter who sources stories thorughout the world with his trusted fox terrier named Snowy, in later editions Tintin’s merry band of brothers also includes hearing impaired Professor Calculus, incompetent detectives Thompson and Thompson. Another great inclusion in many stories is Georges Remi himself strictly in the background of course.

Serviced City Pads offer London Serviced Apartments on a long or short term stay from one night thorugh to many months even years if a guests just love the city, there are many cinemas throughout London to watch films and enjoys your stay.Tintin is a young reporter and some stories are based in the Russian uprising and World War II and even during the 1960’s moon landings. Though Tintin’s adventures are formulaic presenting a mystery which is then solved logically Georges who wrought under he name of Herge infused the strip with his own sense of humour, and creating supporting characters who although predicatable, were filled with charm that allowed the reader to engage with them. Herge also had a great understanding of the mechanics of the comic strip, especially pacing, a skill displayed in The Casting Emerald, a work he meant to be packed with tension in which nothing actually happens. I believe this film will be the first of many tales of the wonderful Tintin and his merry band of friends as they travel throughout the world reporting on true excitement. The new film of Tintin opens to the general public on the 26th of October 2011, this is the full UK release date.