Watch the ‘War Horse’ at the New London Theatre Drury Lane

The ‘War Horse’ play has been receiving outstanding reviews on it’s current run at the New London Theatre Drury Lane in the West End from June 1st through to 21st February 2012, the play has been such as success it now performs on Broadway, there are plans for the show to open in Toronto and Los Angeles in 2012. Serviced City Pads supply Serviced Apartments throughout London and you can contact the reservations team on 0844 335 8866. Serviced City Pads.The story of the War Horse is set just at the outbreak of World War I, Joey, youngs Albert;s beloved horse, is sold to the cavalry and shipped to France. His rider Captain Nicholls is killed riding Joey. He’s soon caught up in enemy fire, death, disease and fate take him on an extraordinary odyessy, serving on both sides before finding himself alone in No Mans Land. But Albert cannot forget Joey and, still not old enough to enlist in the British Army, he embarks on a dangerous mission to finf the horse and bring him home to Devon. Serviced City Pads.
The author of the ‘War Horse’ Michael Morpurgo wrote the story in 1982 and which became a best seller, the story was adapted as a stage play by Nick Stafford. Morpurgo had the idea of the story came after meeting a World War I veteran who drank in his local pub at Iddesleigh and who had been in the Devon Yeomanry working with the horses, Morpurgo started to develop the a story of universal suffering of the Great War through a horses’s viewpoint, quite understandable this was quite a tough task and Morpurgo met two other very important contributors to the book, another villager Captain Budgett who had been in the Cavalry in the great war and a third villager who recolected the army originally visiting the village to buy the horses. Serviced City Pads.
Morpurgo decided he could and did indeed believe he could write this story however through the eyes of the horse, let the horse tell the story and let the story of war come through the soldiers, British soldiers first then through the eyes of the Germans. The story really started to build some depth when a French family also became involved, the horse spends winters with them, and this way we start to see a fuller picture of the true suffering of the First World War through the people on all sides. Serviced City Pads.

The feedback from the Critics has been fabulous and no doubt countries from around the globe in Cananda and USA are depserate to roll out the play because they know this will draw in the crowds. Serviced City Pads.