Watch the Woman in Black and stay in a London Serviced Apartment

The fantastic thriller ‘The Woman in Black’ is playing until December 15th at the wonderful Fortune Theatre, Russell Street, WC2B 5HH. Serviced City Pads supply a large range of London Serviced Apartments for either the leisure or corporate guest, the reservations team will be delighted to help you choose the perfect apartment for you please can the team on 0844 335 8866.
London Serviced Apartments have become a great alternative to London Hotels; the main reason for this is the fifty percent increase in space with a kitchen and lounge area, the majority of guests loves this space as this creates a home away from home. The Woman in Black is the second longest play running in London’s West End which started back in 1989 only the Mousetrap has played longer. The play automatically stands out because it only has two actors in the play throughout the entire show; the story follows a young junior solicitor Arthur Kipps who travels to village for the funeral of an old client. Once at the funeral he notices a young woman dressed in black and the reluctance of all the villages to speak or even go near her, Arthur actually speaks to this woman and goes back to her house and potentially finds out to his horror why this is the case.
Serviced City Pads have provided London Serviced Apartments for quite a number of years, the reservations team have supplied many apartments to guests throughout the world from South Africa to Chile, and the guys at Serviced City Pads have a passion for London Serviced Apartments. Once the young solicitor arrives in this small village to wrap-up his ex clients affaires many distressing events begin to happen, whilst he is walking back to his lodging he meets a employee of his ex-client who is driving a horse and cart, the afternoon is wet and fogging and after speaking to him for a short period of time realises that his cart with his son in the back is sinking in quick sand. This is quite a distressing event as Arthur cannot help the 2 family members and the cart, horse and two people in the cart sink and die, Arthur of course is mortified. Events continue to go from bad to worse and it appears the lady in black is a ghosts and figment of Arthur’s imagination.
When you’re looking for London Accommodation, please contact the team at Serviced City Pads who can provide a large range of apartments throughout London.